A Plain Human Complex
Nami. 19. Engaged. Two children & a huge family.

Status: Human [x] Items: Comes with lots of cookies [x] Personality: Oblivious yet extremely caring [x]

" There was once a person who tumbled through and discovered something she shouldn't have. In the end, she became captured. In his world. "

It’s 1am and I’m in and out of sleep… but… you cannot blame me. Children meet Kim Jaejoong-oppa. This fine ass man is my perfection. He’s just.. x.x it would… just take me a really, really long time to explain how much I love this man/want to have his babies ._. idk. I thought I might introduce you all to yet another husbando of mine. I have many fictional husbandos… but, Jaejoong-oppa. He’s different in a lot of ways… asdfghjkl okay. Sleep. SLEEP IS NEEDED… I’m… going to die from blood loss now x.x God bless Elle magazine for this shot. OYASUMI x///////////x

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