A Plain Human Complex
Nami. 19. Engaged. Two children & a huge family.

Status: Human [x] Items: Comes with lots of cookies [x] Personality: Oblivious yet extremely caring [x]

" There was once a person who tumbled through and discovered something she shouldn't have. In the end, she became captured. In his world. "
July 21st 2014
July 20th 2014
July 19th 2014
July 18th 2014

jalaa de re sang jalaa de re, mohe ang laga de re

July 17th 2014


Nagada Sang Dhol + Cinematography

July 16th 2014
July 16th 2014

✗ - Tʜᴇ ᴏʟᴅ ᴍᴀɴ ɪs ᴀ ʏᴇᴀʀ ᴏʟᴅᴇʀ - ✗

          ✗ - Waking up this morning felt nostalgic. An old shirt worn that covered her skin, she slowly, step by step, got up to glance at herself in the mirror. The clothes needed to be picked up… that’s for sure. But her mind couldn’t help but lead her back to two years ago. A small apartment with a ridiculous amount of flowers turned into a home. A proper home that held a boundless amount of love and safety in them. Shortened hair just below her shoulders had grown, bags under her eyes still visible, and feet that ached from the nights before were all there where they once hadn’t been. A stranger had turned into a love, and that love had produced two children. The fist was slightly unexpected, but regardless of the circumstances, both children were the fruits of the love they were able to find.

          ✗ - Rubbing the back of her neck, a sleepy, warm smile crossed her lips. She had gotten used to waking up to an empty bed. If it had been a year or so ago, she would have whined or cried or become horribly depressed. But she didn’t. She had grown considerably - but she wasn’t particularly too sure if it was a good thing. Needless to say, her childish antics were still there, and she hadn’t become heartless. There were some nights that got to her more than most. However, there was a particular factor she had come to notice. No matter how long he took, he would always come back home to her and their children. He’d apologise with a tired grin, but his warmth and his arms that encircled everything you had felt within the time he was gone never changed. 

          ✗ - So, now, the old man had turned another year older. She knew he’d try. Annabelle had become grown enough to understand that concept and had already sent out his gift a week in advance, but kept the one she wanted to give him personally. Thomas was more her own type. They would wait, and then spoil. Divide and conquer really. That’s if Annabelle would let them. A daddy’s daughter was tough to beat. Too bad she was a spoilt one too! 

          ✗ - Quietly pacing in slow circles along an empty spot between her living room and kitchen, the sun had barely begun to rise, which was odd for her, seeing as she wasn’t particularly the early morning type. With a small sigh caressing her lips, her eyes crossed from the arrows pointing to the necessary directions of his cake when he got home (though Kodha was sleeping on one of them), to the cards recieved from friends and family alike (Kisuke-san’s was a little… well, we left his under Mu’s pillow to find later). Her’s wasn’t much, but she could still pick it out. It was a little bigger than the others, but only because she always wrote a lot. It never really surprised him, but the fact he would read every word still meant a great deal. 

          ✗ - Settling down on a seat, her head became rested against her arms as they lay crossed on the table, letting the sun warm her back and filter through her hair, as the perked smile still remained whilst her eyes drifted to a close.

Dear Old Man, (it began)

If you woke up and inspected yourself for extra grey hairs and wrinkles… you missed a few spots. I can already see them. Hehe. Do you remember how shy and cute I was when we first met? Ah, don’t you eagerly wish you could go back to those days? Poor you. I almost feel sorry for you. Almost. Another year has gone by. It feels weird, doesn’t it? Things moved by a lot faster than I thought they would. Annabelle and Thomas, the house, and everything just kind of melting into one whole thing… it actually happened, didn’t it? And we’re not even married yet (oh dear god)! Our family grew, and so did we. I think we resemble an old couple now more than ever (how sad. I’ve yet to experience my youth. I blame you). We don’t fight too much (though usually it becomes pointless anyway. I don’t think I’ve won any arguments yet. T 3T buuu), we have our family, our jobs, a roof over our heads and weird relatives who all suddenly have a thing for cookies… (don’t LOOK AT THE CARD LIKE THAT IT’LL GET MAD AND… idk. Give you a papercut? But it’s not made out of paper…). Usually I write a hell of a lot, but lucky for you, I’m getting old. Everything I have to say, you already know. If it’s a simple touch or gaze, or just lingering near you - you already know what my thoughts are, and act accordingly. I don’t think I have anything left. It doesn’t make me feel empty or sad, strangely enough. Just content. Your an existence that found meaning in a six year old childish girl that had no idea what she was doing. You’re really weird. You’re a pervert too (juuuuust sayin’ buddy). But I’m really glad… really, really glad you exist. Mu… Happy Birthday. I know you can hear my voice in your head reading this. And I know you know I’m already getting choked up and teary eyed… hush. But let me say it anyway. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love you, anata. 
Yours (unfortunately for you) forever~


May 17th 2014
May 16th 2014


blah blah…..

May 15th 2014


Bollywood Songs: Nagada Sang Dhol

pairon se bedi zara khol

May 14th 2014

Deepika Padukone
↳ for Hello India Feb ‘14

May 13th 2014


Flawless People | Deepika Padukone

May 12th 2014
May 11th 2014
May 10th 2014