A Plain Human Complex
Nami. 19. Engaged. Two children & a huge family.

Status: Human [x] Items: Comes with lots of cookies [x] Personality: Oblivious yet extremely caring [x]

" There was once a person who tumbled through and discovered something she shouldn't have. In the end, she became captured. In his world. "
April 20th 2014
April 19th 2014
( Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day Remix )
April 18th 2014
April 17th 2014

Shoujo Anime Protagonists


Cheers to those heroines who can’t cook. And double cheers to their love interests who force themselves to eat it. 


You know who they are.

April 16th 2014
April 15th 2014
April 14th 2014
April 13th 2014
April 12th 2014
April 11th 2014

It’s just that these two are so alike…

April 11th 2014


                                        { Ɗo ƞoʈ }

    ɓε ƒ o o l e d  by my innocent appearance

                            I am thedevil in ɗɩsǥuɩsε ]

    αɴɢεℓic ƒαcε Ꮤɪtђ a heart as Ƈold as ɪ c ε

                            ɑnɖ as hard as s - t - o - n - e  

     ɪ Ꮚɪℓℓ  [ ℛɪ℘ ] your ɦeαrʈ oʋʈ ɑnd set your soul on fire

                            Ƭo burn ƒoʀeveʀ just for { ℳ ℰ }

April 11th 2014

[ PSA ]

For those whom follow sosukeaizeniskami, I repeat, for those who follow this man, please be notified that his muse has returned. However, for some reasons unknown, he has woken up in a murderous rage that only seems to be worsening inevitably. So if you are not prepared to die as if a flesh eating bacteria cell has entered your body has entered your body, and is killing you in the most painful, most excruciating way possible, please avoid the being at all costs. I repeat, hide if need be.  

This has been a public service announcement from the mundane. 

April 10th 2014
April 09th 2014
( Tonight Alive - The Edge )

tonight alive - the edge (official itunes version)

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April 09th 2014
-- he's really weird.